A Contract Clinical Affairs Department
Clin-Assist serves as an extension of your company.  

Clin-Assist, LLC is a full service clinical research consulting firm located in California's Bay Area.  We are dedicated to supporting the medical research community. Whether support is needed in the Clinical, Pre-Clinical, Regulatory, Data Management, Quality or the Clinical Quality phase of development, we have the expert resources to guide your company through the complex web of clinical research.  

With a combined 55+ years of experience, we can leverage our extensive expertise in order to deliver sound input and strategy during each phase of development. We offer a personalized approach resulting in a partnership built on trust. Our clients value our continuous support, flexibility, and expertise. 

Our team is comprised of research professionals who work together to provide clients with the customization and dedication each project deserves. Rather than operating as a typical CRO, Clin-Assist, LLC works as a close knit team designed to partner with our clients in order to effectively act as a "plug and play" Clinical Affairs department.  Should you need anything from audit preparation to Adverse Event handling to full scale trial management, we are the team to meet your needs.


As a small and dedicated team, we all act in the same capacity regardless of the project. Clin-Assist does not change teams or add or change project managers as studies and demands evolve.  No bait and switch - ever!  

Clin-Assist’s focused business model is tailored to the client’s individual project. We are able to provide responsive expert level service without compromise.  After over 11 years, our achievements and the resulting success stories of our clients have proven the effectiveness of this approach time and again.